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Company Goal:

Our goal at Outdoor Innovations is to offer an elegantly designed weatherized television. We are able to accomplish this with our state of the art process on the internal components. Protecting against moisture, corrosion, destruction from sea— salt in the air, fungus, and even bugs. Leaving you with a modern,sleek and stylish outdoor television that can withstand vast temperature variations (-70 to 200 degrees fahrenheit)(highest in industry). We give you the best protection on the market and offer the longest warranty in the industry. With a longer life expectancy than other outdoor tv manufacturers you will have years of enjoyment and reliability. Outdoor innovation tvs are ready to use right out of the box with 100’s of apps (wifi/internet required), not requiring an external source. In addition to offering the best protection, longest warranty, we also offer the lowest msrp on the market for our entire line of tvs. Please checkout our entire line, and we look forward to having you as a customer and providing you with a great product.

Outdoor Innovations is an American family based company that deals in quality products and services. We supply affordable but superior outdoor televisions for every environment. Our Tv’s are one of the lightest and most advanced on the market.

Outdoor Innovations (OI) protects every TV inside and out. Whether you choose a covered patio or full weather option we guarantee that you will have years of enjoyment from your investment. We are here to help you decided which option is best for you. Our company is dedicated to our
customer’s satisfaction.

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